Monday       Mrs. Bahry Gr.3
Mrs. Sceeles Gr.4 
Mrs. Medeiros Gr.5 
Mrs. Sloat Gr.1 *(Computer Lab)
 Mrs. King Gr. 1 *( Computer Lab)

Tuesday Ms. St Jacques Gr.3
Mrs. Carvalho Gr.4
    Mrs. King Gr. 1 
Mrs. Andrews Gr.2        
Wednesday   Mrs. Bahry *
        Ms. St. Jacques* 
                      Mrs. Martin Gr.4

        Mrs. Koehler Gr.5

       Mrs. Maynard Gr.1
       Mrs. Steitz Gr.2 


Mrs. Hopkins Gr.3 *
  Mrs. Balasco Gr.4
  Ms.  Weissinger GR. 5
                  Mrs. Maynard  Gr.1 *(Computer Lab)
  Mrs. McCaffrey Gr.1 *(Computer Lab)
Mrs. Braganca Gr.2  

 Friday     Mrs. Hopkins Gr. 3
 Mrs. Soderlund Gr. 5
 Mrs. McCaffrey Gr.1
 Mrs. Sloat Gr.1


   *First and third graders do not need their library books this day. This is an extra library time for them. We are working on tech and info literacy skills.