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It's May!!!!!

What a great year we are having! 
We've had our MA Book Awards vote and will announce our winner soon. 
Reading Rocks starts soon..details to follow.
Students have been reading more than ever! Our AR points are sky high with many, many students submitting photos and earning more  certificates each week. 
In these last weeks of school we will ramp up the reading with READING ROCKS and one final challenge to make sure the students roll into summer with a strong reading habit in place!

"Back in November......
I mentioned in my newsletter that I could use HELP!!!
It would be great if you or someone you know could commit to 30 mins a week."

The response was overwhelming!!!
One day each month Sonia Amaral has spent the whole day with us! Her employer allows employees to take a day to volunteer and she chose us! Thank you!

Weekly, the "Terrific Trio", Heather Potter, Lynn Clarke and Karen Macek (and help from Jen Tadros, when she can) have come in and tackled the daunting shelving. Those books just keep on coming! They have learned many technical tasks and have made an enormous difference. With the addition of K and PreK classes I don't know where the library would be without them. They have helped maintain order and allowed me to teach the students and support the staff.