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It's March!

Once again it's time  for our students to join students and teachers across MA to vote for our favorite book from the list of nominated books!
Students qualify to participate by reading 5 books from the list of 25 nominees. 
They take the AR quiz for each and are invited to a voting rally. 
Our votes are submitted to Salem State College where they tabulate the votes and announce the winners in April! 
We will let you know the winner  after we have our "reveal" party!

Students in all grades have done a great job searching for the nonfiction book that they would use to research an animal or a nonfiction topic that interests them.

Third graders are reporting on MA people in history while 4th graders are finishing up their Black History projects. They really work hard reading biographies and researching their persons.

AR for February was "Martin Students Love Reading!!
February winners were 
Mrs. Sloat's Gr. 1 students
Ms. Steitz' Gr. 2
Mrs. Hopkins Gr. 3
Ms. Carvalho's Gr. 4
and a tie for 5th!
Mrs. Medeiros
and Mrs. Dailey

Their prizes are coming!
We will complete this competition at the end of March
and everyone who participates will get a prize. 

Reading Rocks starts in May!!!!!