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Off to a great new year ! 

Going to start with  one of my favorites...The MA Children's Book Award Program.
It is open to 4th, 5th,  (and 6th but that's not us) grade students through out our state. 
Teachers and librarians nominate 25 books for the list. 
Participants are required to read at least 5 books from the list to participate in the
voting rally in March and Announcement Party later in the year.
Last year's winning books were: 

The War that Save My Life 
by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
(there is a sequal!)

The Honor Books were:
The Nest by Kenneth Opel
Roller Girl by Victoria Jamesan
Space Case by Stuart Gibbs
Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt 

The new list of nominees for 2018-19  is under the MA Book Award Lists Page on this site. Start Reading! 
Iv'e read quite a few over the summer and this year's list is one of the best ever!

Memories from last year...

We finished the year with Reading Rocks. That will happen again this year.

Reading Rocks was a crazy success!!!
Students read more than ever! Our winning classes were
Mrs. Sloat's 1st graders with 21,000 pages read!
Ms. Steitz' 2nd graders with 23, 000 pages read!
Mrs. Carvalho's 4th graders with 25, 000 pages read!
Wow! What more can we say...
but a Huge THANK YOU! 
Once again they have sponsored the program.
They have generously given each student a water bottle, and of course a toothbrush and some other goodies. Each winning teacher received a check for $50 for classroom materials ( more books!) and a whopping $500 for the library (many, more books!) 

"Back in November......
I mentioned in my newsletter that I could use HELP!!!
It would be great if you or someone you know could commit to 30 mins a week."

The response was overwhelming!!!
One day each month Sonia Amaral has spent the whole day with us! Her employer allows employees to take a day to volunteer and she chose us! Thank you!

Weekly, the "Terrific Trio", Heather Potter, Lynn Clarke and Karen Macek (and help from Jen Tadros, when she can) have come in and tackled the daunting shelving. Those books just keep on coming! They have learned many technical tasks and have made an enormous difference. With the addition of K and PreK classes I don't know where the library would be without them. They have helped maintain order and allowed me to teach the students and support the staff.
I would love to expand this corp.
One shelving period that will happen will be on Friday afternoon at 1:30-2:30. We WELCOME everyone who can pop in and pitch in. Your help makes such a difference wherever in the building you choose to help.
Thank you!