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On to May!!!

And now.... We are growing our flower!
That's an AR flower in the lobby.  Students will earn points and see our visual progress.

We started they year with a challenge to all Martin  students to get going on their Accelerated Reader account and take at least 1 quiz.
Success! Every student  (gr.1-5) logged in and took a quiz by the end of September! Excellent team work!
Great community
Please get excited with us and help keep the momentum going.

October had a harvest theme and every time a student took a quiz they added a pumpkin to our pumpkin patch!
That pumpkin patch was full! Sorry! I forgot to take a picture. It was really impressive.

November was a quick month with election day,
Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving.
There wasn't a formal contest or challenge but students were reading and earning certificates.

December is here and we are turning up the heat to read and quiz as much as we can to finish 2016 in a big way.
Very exciting challenge! Every student who participates will earn a prize. The class at each grade level that gets the most points will get an additional prize as well.
It's great to have such an exciting contest when we all have a huge amount of holiday energy.

And if that isn't enough adventure we also have the 4th and 5th graders joining the MA Children's Book Award Program.


           The AR program, Accelerated  Reader, is in full swing and students can take quizzes in the computer lab and on the laptops from the portable cart and the iPads. Many students took quizzes at the public library over the summer and can continue to do that. 

             Everyone is keyboarding!!!

We start keyboarding, typing instruction, in the 1st grade. Admittedly, it's a little rocky at first. They do catch on.  We review in every grade each year.  Students become very good at typing with all their fingers but don't use it for their assignments. Please encourage you child to use the " home row" and both hands for any typing they do at home. They will become very efficient if they use it for all their keyboard work. 
It's going well and we hope to be firmly typing with all fingers in correct position by Dec. 15th!!!! Please encourage your students to use their home row position.

Now we see if the keyboarding pays off. Students will be using their skills to communicate their ideas as they complete the MCAS testing.