What's Going On In The Classroom?

January News in First Grade

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to everyone!  We hope 2015 brings you great health and much happiness.  Please read on to find out what we will be doing in school during the month of January.


READING:  We are finishing up Unit 3 in reading and will begin Unit 4 in two weeks.  In this unit we explore the long vowel sounds.  Please continue to practice the spelling sorts and the reading words that are sent home.  We are very proud of the wonderful progress that our students are making with their reading.  It is SO important to read to your child each night and have your child read to you.

MATH:  We are starting Unit 4 titled: What Would You Rather Be?  In this unit, students’ work focuses on four major areas:

Sorting and classifying: Students’ work will focus on sorting groups of related objects, such as buttons and power polygons, and describing what distinguishes one group from another.

Representing Data: Students will create their own  representations in order to organize their data and provide an image that helps them describe what the data shows.  Picture graphs, charts, and tallies are some of the standard forms of representation that our students will be using in this unit.

Describing Data:  Students will describe and compare the number of pieces of data in each category or at each value and interpret what the data tells you about the group.  They will also use data to compare how two groups are similar or different.

Designing and carrying out a data investigation:  Students will develop a question, collect the data, represent the data, and describe and interpret the data.

  We will be completing our Poetry Unit this week.  During this unit, students experienced songs and poetry through interactive writing activities.    

Beginning next week, we will be exploring informational text and writing informational books for this unit.

Social Studies: The theme for this month is called, We Celebrate What We Do.  In this theme we will explore the concepts of individual goal setting and achievement.  We will also learn about the great accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the BIG dream he had for everyone.

       A Big Thank-You

Thanks to everyone who sent in supplies and volunteered their time to make the candy houses.  The children had a great time showcasing their creativity.  Also, thank you for helping to make our Party in a Bag celebration a success.  The students were excited to open their decorated bags, and they all enjoyed the snack and surprise.


January Birthdays 

             Kari    5 Max     7

          Mackenzie    11    Charlotte    25

            Briana and Calia    26

January Reminders:

January 12th - Keith Munslow performance after school

January 16th - Martin Luther King, Jr Day (no school)

January 19th - Mary Jane Bein - artist visit

January 26th - Navy Band @ 9:30 - school performance

A Very Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone!

The First Grade Teachers