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May News in Grade 1

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the beautiful month of May!  We have so many wonderful things happening in our classrooms this time of year.  Please read to find out what we will be doing this month.

Across the Curriculum...

Reading:  We are currently completing our 5th reading unit and will be beginning the 6th and final unit, Surprise Me, which refers to the creativity of the children that make up our classrooms.  First graders are generally eager to use their creativity to solve problems and create stories or works of art.  In this unit, our students will also engage in imaginative play, both alone and with others.  The stories in Unit 6 are fantastic and fun to read.

Writing:  We have completed our informational unit.  The students researched topics and wrote chapter books!  We have begun our Opinion Unit; starting with friendly letters.  We will be using this format to begin writing persuasive letters. These letters will try to convince the reader about a particular opinion by using reasons to support the opinion.   This writing will become their introduction to writing reviews.  Next, they will expand their review writing to include restaurants, toys, video games, etc. Finally, students will begin writing book reviews, summarizing, evaluating, judging and defending their opinions about the book.  

Math:  Our next unit in Math to complete is unit 8 which is entitled, Twos, Fives, and Tens.  In this unit, students’ work focuses on three mathematical emphases:

  1. Counting and Quantity:  developing strategies for accurately counting a set of objects by ones and by groups.
  2. Whole Number Operations:  using manipulatives, drawings, tools, and notation to show strategies and solutions.
  3. Computational Fluency:  knowing addition combinations of 10

Social Studies:  This month in Social Studies, we will explore the concept of working for the good of all.  The Theme for May is titled, “We Care for All People.”  also as part of our first grade curriculum, we will be learning about the American Patriotic Symbols.

Science:  Mrs. Clegg from 4-Town Farm will visit our classrooms this week and teach the children about the parts of a tomato plant and how plants grow.  The children will have the opportunity to transplant a tomato seedling.  In mid-June, the first graders will visit the farm to take a tour and pick up the plants they’ve planted.

We will also be learning about the lifecycle of a Painted Lady Butterfly.  We will enjoy watching the stages of how tiny caterpillars develop into beautiful butterflies.  Once they are hatched, we will release them into the air.  How exciting!!!

Happy May Birthdays...

     Kayleb - 5th         Melvin - 9th        Cameron - 24th

Nadira - 25th

         STUDENT OF THE MONTH FOR  . . . . . .

January -  Connor C., Cameron Z., McKenzie P.

February - Marley M., Mattea P., Jordan F.

March - Ryan P., Emily F., Patrick F.

Important May Dates:

May 11th @ 2:00pm Mrs. Maynard/Mrs. King - Mother’s Day Tribute

May 12th @ 2:00pm Mrs. Sloat/Mrs. McCaffrey - Mother’s Day Tribute

May 14th - Mother’s Day

May 29th - Memorial Day - no school

It is time to begin thinking about resources to help keep skills fresh throughout the summer.  

Here are some websites you might want to check out...

Try super sites on the Martin School website for lots of good sites.  

Let us know if you need help finding more resources.

Happy May and Happy Spring!

The First Grade Teachers