Mrs. Hopkins

September News
in Room 228

     Here’s what we’ll be studying as we start the  new school year.

Math:  Our first unit jumps right into multiplication and division.  learning that multiplication is really just a quicker way to solve repeated addition problems, and how multiplication and division are inverse properties (fact families), just as they learned in 2nd grade how addition and subtraction are related.

In our Reading anthology we will be reading  “How I spent My Summer Vacation”,  “Goldilocks”, and “Anthony Reynoso, Born to Rope”.  Reading skills we will focus on will be sequencing and drawing conclusions.

English:  Our first grammar skills will be reviewing sentences.  

Spelling: Our first 3 Spelling lists will focus on short vowel sounds, double consonant words, and words with the long e sound.

Cursive:  We will start learning cursive letter with the “clock climber group”  a, d, g, q, c

We will begin by introducing what our “Writer’s Workshop” is all about, and what good writers do, and don’t do.  Our first writing piece will be a personal narrative, but we will be writing many personal narratives both in school and for homework before deciding on one to edit, revise, and publish.

Science:  In Science we will start by learning about Matter.  What Matter is, how Matter can be described and classified as a solid, liquid, or gas, and how the states of matter can changes through physical and chemical changes.We will learn about these changes of matter with lots of fun experiments.

  Our Social Studies frameworks for Massachusetts has us look at the state of Massachusetts from the Pilgrims settling in 1620 to today.  We will learn about the geography, economy, history, and people who have made our state what it is today.  We will start with a geography unit to learn about where Massachusetts is in relation to the rest of the country, as well as about the differing geographical regions in our state and what can be found in each region.

Literature Circles: 
During Literature Circles, students are in small discussion groups.  All books are in the same genre with the same theme, but at different reading abilities.  The groups sit with me one day, work independently the next day, work in a peer group on the third day, and then rotate back to teacher group.  During this time we read award winning novels, discuss the plot, characters, events, themes, genre, and more.  Response questions are completed independently, as are reflection and content based pages in a packet.  At the end of each book, a culminating project (sometimes group, sometimes individual) is completed to assess the child’s learning. Also, many of these novels have been adapted to film and each group can watch the film of the nook they read to compare the two mediums of the same story. T relate to our beginning Social Studies units on geography and early settlers, our first books are historic fiction about pioneers leaving their homes to start a new life (Sarah, Plain & Tall, The Sign of the Beaver, and The Courage of Sarah Noble.

No September Birthdays

Important  Dates: Open House September 16

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If you have an additional knowledge on any of the topics mentioned in a monthly newsletter, and would like to present to our class, you are more than welcome to contact me.

                                     I am looking forward to a GREAT year!                                                                                                
        Thank you,
    Mrs. Hop