Mrs. Hopkins

   November News

Here is what we’ll be studying this month in Room 228:

Reading:  We have learned about many story elements in our reading selections.  Using Mentor Texts for examples, group read alongs to discuss the elements, and then transferring this knowledge to independently reading their “just right books”. Focuses have been on setting, character traits, understanding plot, and figuring out the theme , or message of the story. Understanding all of these elements and strategies helps the reader to comprehend the story more clearly.  After this, we work on  reading informational pieces and this will go along with our next writing project which is also an informational writing piece.

Grammar: We will be working on adjectives.

Math: We are still in Unit 2 and will be assessing that in the coming week.

Book Clubs:   Groups are still working on their books in our  realistic fiction genre. Titles being read by various groups are Shiloh, Because ion Winn-Dixie, and Stone Fox. Groups discuss the chapters with peers one day, work with Mrs. Hop another day, and answer questions or complete activities independently on another day.

Social Studies:  We have started learning about the Wampanoag.  Next will come the Pilgrims. Our recent trip to  Plimoth Plantation provided the students with background knowledge which now allows them to visualize what we are reading and discussing because of their hands on experience there.

   Thank you to the chaperones who came along with us, and also to those who volunteered but were not chosen. 

Writing: Students are almost complete with their Personal Narrative. They are typing their final copy and illustrating the story to create a picture book. Our next writing will be an Informational piece.

Cursive: We are working on “Kite String” group.  Keep practicing all lower case letters that have been covered.

November Birthdays
Olivia Q -5
McKenzie -11
Rosalind - 14
Avery - 19
Andrew - 25

Important Dates:

11/12 No School: Veteran’s Day

11/21- 1/2 day (Thanksgiving break)

11/22 - 11/23 No School (Thanksgiving break)


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