Mrs. Hopkins

  December News

Here is what we’ll be studying this month in Room 228:

Reading:  We have just started to work on reading and understanding informational pieces. We will look at the structure of how informational pieces are set up, as well as the identify the text features (charts, graphs, illustrations, captions, maps, etc.) that help a reader to understand an information.

Grammar: We will be working on pronouns.

Math: We have begun Unit 3. The Family packet was sent home prior to this newsletter.

Book Clubs:   Groups have finished their realistic fiction novels and are working on their book projects.  Each member in the book club is creating a character trait chart about one of the main characters in the book.  All groups will soon get to watch the movie version of the book they read to compare and contrast the two mediums.

Science:  We are starting our unit on Forces, energy, & Motion.

Social Studies:  We have been learning more about the Pilgrims and will have a quiz on them this Friday.  After the Pilgrims comes a short Unit on the Puritans that will compare and contrast this group to the Pilgrims. 

At Home Project:  the students will be bringing home directions to create either a Wampanoag Wetu or Longhouse, or a Pilgrim home.  A short report should be written about the home, and about HOW the Wampanoag people or the Pilgrims built the homes. Steps to make them, materials used, when & where they lived in them, and what the insides consisted of.  They do NOT write about how they built their model.


Writing: We have started our Informational writing unit.  Students will write an informational story in the manner of the "I survived" or "Magic Tree House" series's.  To enrich our study of Massachusetts' history, the students will be given a list of historical events or MA state symbols to teach their readers about.  The stories will include facts on the event to inform the reader, but the kids will write them as if they were there.  Skills learned during our Narrative unit should be built into the story they create.  (show/don't tell, use of literary devices (similes, metaphors, hyperbole, alliteration, etc., and vivid verbs).  The stories will also incorporate informational text features we will be learning about by reading other informational pieces.

Cursive: We are working on “Kite String” group.  Keep practicing all lower case letters that have been covered.

December Birthdays
Sydney - Dec. 2
Olivia R. - Dec. 28

Important Dates:

12/24-1/2/2019: Holiday Break
Wampanoag/Pilgrim Project Due: January 2, 2019 (they can come in sooner if completed earlier)


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