Mrs. Bahry

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Here is what we are studying this month in room 215


Reading:  Our Reader’s Workshop has concentrated on character and setting. We will continue to work with genre; and plot, theme, problem, and solution (story elements).


Grammar: We continue to work on restating the question, common and proper nouns, and commas.


Cursive:  We have completed our “Clock Climbers” packet (letters a, d, g, q, and c) and will begin “Kite Strings” (letters I, u, w, t, j, p, r, s, and o) soon!


Writing:  We have completed our personal narratives in Writer’s Workshop and will begin writing an informational text next!


Math: We finished Unit 1 of EveryDay Math and are working on Unit 2, Number Stories and Arrays.


Social Studies: We have begun our Massachusetts geography unit.  Next, we will move onto learning about the Wampanoag, Pilgrims, and Puritans.


Science: We finished our unit on “Weather”. We learned about the elements of the water cycle, components that make up weather, and types of clouds.


October Birthdays:



Important dates:

October 8th - Columbus Day (No School)

October 11th – Picture Day

October 18th – Plimoth Plantation field trip

October 19th - Teacher In Service - No School

October 24 & 25 - Parent Teacher Conferences