Useful Links

Here are some excellent lessons I have found on YouTube.
They are created by fellow band teachers and I assure you they are appropriate.
If there is an issue with viewing YouTube, please watch them with an adult.
Enjoy ! 

Flute:  Beginning Flute Sounds_Part 1

Flute:   Beginning Flute Sounds_Part2

Flute:  How to Hold The Flute

Oboe:   Forming the Oboe Embouchure for Beginning Oboists

Clarinet:   Holding the Clarinet

Alto Saxophone:   Assembly & First Notes

Alto Saxophone:   Embouchure

Alto Saxophone:    Holding The Saxophone

Trumpet:  How to Hold the Trumpet

Trumpet:  First Sounds

Trumpet:  Install and Oil Pistons

Trombone Lesson 1:   Assembly, Disassembly, & How to Hold

Trombone Lesson 2:  First Sounds

Mallet Percussion Lesson 1:  The Basic Grip