Practice can be fun
How to practice
This page will give you some ideas that might help to make practicing a more enjoyable and productive experience for everyone.

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The MP3 CD, which is included in your Sound Innovations lesson book, 
is the best way to both hear the lesson you are working on and show you what your finished performance of that lesson should sound like. You can upload the MP3 onto your computer.
Also, many CD and DVD players are equipped to play the MP3 directly from the disc.
Simply choose the file that corresponds to the line of music in the book.
Each line has been been numbered and named for easy reference.

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As you play through your lesson book, some parts will be easy while others may require
more time to play well.  Practicing your instrument every day will help you achieve excellence.
Carefully play each exercise until you can perform it three times in succession.

•   Practice in a quiet place where you can concentrate.
•   Schedule a regular practice time every day.
•   Use a straight back chair and a music stand to assist you in maintaining 
    good posture.
•   Start each practice session by warming up on low notes and long notes.
•   Focus on the music that is most difficult to play, then move on to that 
    which is easier and more fun.
•   Use your DVD recording to help you play in tune and on time.

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Record yourself.  It is always a great lesson to listen to your performances and evaluate
your own playing. 

I hope you like you !