Whats Ms. Walsh working on?

Running around the art room with over 400 students keeps me pretty busy. When I'm not teaching kiddos to draw I can often be found creating art, crafting, or exploring. My students know i love cartoons especially anything pixar. Like Ellie from the movie UP I really do believe that adventure is out there and art is just our compass to guide us there!

Did I tell you I love animals? no? I love animals! My artwork tends to be a little whimsical. I paint animals I like and try to blend my love of drawing with my love of linework and pattern.

While on April vacation, I created a little series of animals adorned with flower crowns. The first image I used my Min Pin Hansel, as my model. You'll see my two dogs Han the Min Pin and Peper the Maltese appear alot in my artwork.


stage one dragon

I was teaching a lesson on childrens book author and artist Eric Carle to first graders. We learned about how he paints paper and creates collage. I couldn't wait to try it myself when I was on vacation. Heres the aftermath.