5th Grade Artists

After working in black and white our last step was to add color. Our dragons really started to come to life at this point and seemed to pop right off the page.
color eye1


Heres 5th in action
anyone wonder why our 5th graders looked like chimeney sweeps or like a long lost member of KISS? we got MESSY!

Students have finished their preliminary sketches for our dragon eyes. Our next step was to start adding our darkest values and lightest values. Here is the result. 

I am beyond impressed with how enthusiastically students jumped into this assignment. Can you believe these were done by 5th graders?! I'm over the moon with and beaming with art teacher pride.
dragon eyes 2
I can honestly say that 5th grade has been one of the most exciting classes to teach drawing skills this year at Martin school.

I needed a way to teach value and form to students and thought what better way to do this then with an art lesson geared towards fantasy. Students created 12''x18'' dragon eyes with charcoal and chalk pastel and the results were phenomenal.

First students had to learn about value. Value is one of the seven elements of art, it is the range between dark and light. In order to draw we must first learn to see, and value helps us to understand the shape and form of an object. When we use value in a drawing we can make the things we see look more realistic.

Students first learned how to mix a tint of black. a tint is when you add white to a color to make it lighter. Students used paint to achieve a eight part value scale. Each time we added white, the black paint became a shade of gray. we applied this knowledge to our preliminary drawings of are larger than life dragon eyes. 
stage one dragon
At the start of each year, students make a 
portfolio. A portfolio is where artists can store their artwork to keep it from getting lost or damaged. All martin students make a portfolio, each grade has a different assignment and theme.
 We won't be bringing projects home as soon as their finished, they'll be stored here so we have work to display for the Art Show at the end of the year. On the last day of art class students will bring home these folders to share all their work with parents, it's the perfect opportunity to share successes and challenges with visual arts. 

Students share with your family your favorite piece from your portfolio. Parents encourage your students to speak about what they learned, hang their artwork around your home and encourage them to keep drawing!!

5th grade's theme was Lego self-portraits. Here you can see how students used the basic shape of a lego person and transformed it to look just like them! Fantastic job 5th grade!

lego portfolio