3rd grade Artists

3rd graders like 4th and 5th graders have an art portfolio. We wont bring any of the lessons we make home until the last day of Art. Students will be eager to show you their work so that just makes our last day more special. On this day take the time to look through your artwork and show your family what you're most proud of and what you may have struggled with.

After we created our portfolios, 3rd grade jumped right into our first drawing assignment using line and shape. Students were introduced to the artwork of Lousiana artist George Rodrigue. Rodrique's work is based off a Cajun myth about a werewolf that prowled Louisana, called the Loup-Garou. George was inspired to use the story and the likeness of his pet dog Tiffany to create what we know today as the Blue Dog.  

blue dog and tiffany
Tiffany, the childhood pet of George Rodrigue and one of the first Blue Dog paintings called "WatchDog"

The artist George Rodrigue and his creation Blue Dog.
3rd grade students did a direct draw with me, breaking down how to draw Blue dog step by step. What I drew, they drew. Next, students discussed the many different colors of Blue Dog and the various costume, and whimsical backgrounds Rodrigues painted. They were able to choose backgrounds and costumes for Blue Dog that suited their likes and interests. We outlined our drawings with black oil pastel and then we painted our work using tempera paint. I just love all the bright, bold colors! Most of all I love all the unique costumes, recognize any familar characters or seekonk related sports?

 Look at this fantastic work!
 blue dog display
 blue dog collage