2nd grade artists

2nd grade is our busiest grade in the art room there are 29 in each class. This year in 2nd grade art we've been working on how to work together as a class our focus besides learning how to draw, paint, and sculpt will be on how to use whole body listening.

When classes come into the art room quietly and follow every rule we can earn a golden brush to bring back to our classroom teacher to hang on the board to show what a successful class we had. If we're having a little difficulty with directions we may only earn the silver brush. If we're having a really rough day we wont earn any brush awards. The class that earns 5 gold brushes will get a fun art lesson with me!


whole body
Heres our school mascot reminding students to listen with our WHOLE body in the art room. When we listen with our whole body it will allow us to succeed and show pride in our artwork and our school.