Who was George R. Martin?

Lena and George Rutherford Martin

    Mr. George R. Martin was born in East Providence, R.I on February 21, 1877.  He was the son of George J. and Mary R. (Gardiner) Martin. 
    He was educated in one of the East Providence one room school houses.  Initially, he worked as a farmer, but later went to work for the Universal Winding Company in Cranston, Rhode Island.  
    On November 11, 1903 the twenty-nine year old George was married to Lena M. Mason, the twenty-two year old daughter of Joseph H. and Adeline T. (Simmons) Martin.  They had no children.  During 1932, he sold his home to Raymond M. Nickerson, but bought the home back and put it under the name of Lena and George R. Martin.  Mr. Martin worked up to the Shipping Foreman while still working at the Universal Winding Company. He held this position there until he retired.  
    George R. Martin died in Providence on March 20, 1961.  He was buried on March 23, 1961 in the Carpenter Cemetery in Rumford, East Providence. 
    He made his will and he and Lena donated $135,000 to the town of Seekonk to be used fro building construction.  The town of Seekonk had purchased teh 26.2 acre farm containing a house, a barn and two silos from Alfred G. and Florence W. Kent.  It was located on the corner of Anthony and Cole Street and butting against Route 195 on the West.  The town then used the greatly appreciated donation to build the Martin Elementary School.  The new school was named the Lena and George R. Martin Elementary School by the town of Seekonk in appreciation of their unselfish donation.  
    The Lena and George R. Martin Elementary School was opened to students in September of 1968 and dedicated on December 15, 1968.  The opening of the Martin School allowed the transfer of elementary school students out of the high school and the closing of the Munroe Corners School. 
(On a side note:  I do not know when Lena's name was dropped from the name of the school.  If anyone knows I would be interested to find this out.)