4th grade Artists.

4th grade started our first painting lesson. First we sketched Black Capped Chikadees our Massachusetts state bird. Heres an image

students drew one on one with me, what I drew on the board they drew on their paper step by step. The background of their sketches were completely up to 4th grade to create, because they created this step independently you can see how unique each painting is. Our next step was to outline in black paint and then to add color. Heres our 4th graders in action.


black capped


Every grade at Martin school is learning to understand and create art using the elements and principal of design. The first element of design that I teach students is line. Lines are moving points, they are longer than they are wide. Often times they are the first marks we learn to make as we children. When we combine lines together we make pictures.

Students in 4th grade learned about Opt Art which means optical illusions. By using a curved line we were able to change the space in the picture around the image and create little funnels of color. Students learned how to shade in their shapes to make the funnels appear more formed and round.

At the start of each year, students make a 
portfolio. A portfolio is where artists can store their artwork to keep it from getting lost or damaged. All martin students make a portfolio, each grade has a different assignment and theme.
 We won't be bringing projects home as soon as their finished, they'll be stored here so we have work to display for the Art Show at the end of the year. On the last day of art class students will bring home these folders to share all their work with parents, it's the perfect opportunity to share successes and challenges with visual arts. 

Students share with your family your favorite piece from your portfolio. Parents encourage your students to speak about what they learned, hang their artwork around your home and encourage them to keep drawing!!

4th grade's portfolio challenge was to draw a half self-portraits using a grid. Students had to fold their papers into 8 squares. Using a grid and drawing in each quadrant helps breakdown complicated drawings.

4th grade