MA Book Award Lists


Massachusetts Children’s Book Award 2011 

Master List for 2010-2011 

Anderson, L. H. (2008). Chains. (Simon & Schuster). 

Appelt, K. (2008). The Underneath. (Atheneum). 

Applegate, K. (2007). Home of the Brave. (Feiwel & Friends). 

Avi. (2007). Iron Thunder. (Hyperion Books). 

Balliett, B. (2008). The Calder Game. (Scholastic). 

Barrows, A. (2007). The Magic Half. (Bloomsbury). 

Baskin, N. (2009). Anything but Typical. (Simon & Schuster). 

Berlin, E. (2009). The Potato Chip Puzzles: The Puzzling World of Winston Breen. (Putnam). 

Blume, J. (2008). Cool Zone with the Pain and the Great One. (Delacorte). 

Clements, A. (2007). No Talking! (Atheneum). 

Goodman, A. (2008). The Other Side of the Island. (Razorbill). 

Harper, C. (2007). Just Grace. (Houghton Mifflin). 

Key, W. (2006). Alabama Moon. (Farrar, Straus and Giroux). 

Law, I. (2008). Savvy. (Dial). 

Lowery, L. (2006). Truth and Salsa . (Peachtree). 

Lowry, L. (2008). The Willoughbys. (Houghton Mifflin). 

MacLachlan, P. (2007). Edward's Eyes. (Atheneum). 

Mass, W. (2009). 11 Birthdays. (Scholastic). 

Mortenson, G., & Relin, D. (2009). Three Cups of Tea (Young Edition). (Dial). 

Reilly Giff, P. (2008). Eleven. (Wendy Lamb Books). 

Scaletta, K. (2009). Mudville. (Knopf). 

Stead, R. (2007). First Light. (Wendy Lamb Books). 

St. John, L. (2007). The White Giraffe. (Dial). 

Stuchner, J. (2008). Honey Cake. (Random House). 

Wilson, N. D. (2007). 100 Cupboards: Book 1. (Random House).