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 MA Book Award List        LIBRARY SCHEDULE

We are well into our new year and it's going well. Students at Martin are as excited as always to borrow, read and take quizzes on our great books.

I mentioned in my newsletter that I could use HELP!!!
It would be great if you or someone you know could commit to 30 mins a week. 
Here is the list of tasks available.

1. Shelving! this is the biggie.
(We have had wonderful groups of volunteers who came in and made quick work of getting books back on the shelf, while chatting and sipping coffee and truly enjoying the morning (could be after school, too!)

2. Stickers on, stickers off. We do a lot of labeling here. (and sometimes unlabeling)
3. Processing and cataloging. Books need to be cataloged into our network. They need spine labels and bar codes. 
4. Book repair and covering. 
5. AR certificates - our students are prolific readers.
6. Spreadsheet work to keep track of students' AR certificates (this can be done at home with Google Sheets or Excel)
7. Creating displays and decorating/signage
8. Helping students with check in and check out at the computer.

The tasks in the library are very satisfying because you can see the pile dwindle. Your effort is not only appreciated but very evident.

The library is a great place to be . If you know someone who would truly like to spend time surrounded by children and children's literature this is the place! 

Frankly, I'm retiring after next year and I would love to leave the next librarian with a great support system.

Looking forward to a great year! So happy to have such a "full house"!


           The AR program, Accelerated  Reader, is in full swing and students can take quizzes in the computer lab and on the laptops from the portable cart and the iPads. Many students took quizzes at the public library over the summer and can continue to do that. 

             Everyone is keyboarding!!!

We start keyboarding, typing instruction, in the 1st grade. Admittedly, it's a little rocky at first. They do catch on.  We review in every grade each year.  Students become very good at typing with all their fingers but don't use it for their assignments. Please encourage you child to use the " home row" and both hands for any typing they do at home. They will become very efficient if they use it for all their keyboard work. 
It's going well and we hope to be firmly typing with all fingers in correct position by Dec. 15th!!!! Please encourage your students to use their home row position.

Now we see if the keyboarding pays off. Students will be using their skills to communicate their ideas as they complete the MCAS testing.