Friday, September 14

Writing: Decorate your Writing Journal by Monday, September 17. I showed the class my Journal that had family pictures glued on it. Pictures help give them ideas to create stories from family memories.  They could also cut pictures from magazines of things they enjoy, or decorate on their own by drawing.  We are writing personal narratives, so these decorations should give them ideas about things that have happened to them that they can write about.

Math: Practice Math Facts (+/-)

Reading:  Read 5 nights for 20 minutes.  Turn in Reading Log on Monday.

Pre-test Monday . Those who get 100 on Monday are done for the week. Those who get any wrong on Monday retake the test on Friday (Monday's grade does not count for them.) They should study the words they need to each night before the test Friday.

If you need a CORI form renewed you have to bring the form I sent home, with your license into the office yourself and see Mrs. Read.  If you are not sure if your CORI is still good, you could call her or the administration office.  Our trip to Plimoth Plantation is Oct. 18 so if you are hoping to be picked to chaperone, your CORI must be up to date.

Please send the permission slip and $15.00 for the trip in at your earliest convenience.  (Any financial hardships, please email me, or Mr. Lush)