Computer and Typing Skills

Student Geometry Computer.png 

Computer skills and typing skills have become increasingly important in today’s society. In occupational therapy sessions, students are being exposed to a variety of computer use skills. Use the links below to practice some of these skills at home! All students in third grade or higher who receive occupational therapy services have had an account created on the typingweb website. To access, click on the typing web link. Once on the website, click on "student login" in the upper right hand corner and enter the following information:

Aitken School-           Username: aesfirstnamelastinitial (ex: aesjohnd)

                                    Password: student


Martin School:           Username: mesfirstnamelastinitial (ex: mesjohnd)

                                    Password: student


Middle School:           Username: khmsfirstnamelastintial (ex: khmsjohnd)

                                    Password: student


High School:               Username: shsfirstnamelastinitial (ex: shsjohnd)

                                    Password: student


mouse practice

more mouse practice

proofreading practice

keyboard knowledge

Dance Mat Typing