Mrs. Sloat
Mrs. Sloat - Grade 1
Welcome to First Grade!
It is going to be a great year!!!


Important Dates:

August 30th - First Day of School
September 4th - No School (Labor Day)
September 13th - Open House (Martin Elementary)
October 6th - Early Release (Prof. Development)
October 9th - No School (Columbus Day)
October 25-26th - Parent/Teacher Conferences (Early Release)
November 10th - No School (Veteran's Day)
November 22nd - Early Release
November 23rd-24th - No School (Thanksgiving Break)
November 28th - First Trimester Ends
December 23rd-January 1st - No School (Holiday Break)
January 2nd - School Reopens
January 15th - No School (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
February 16th - Early Release (Prof. Development)
February 19th-23rd - No School (Winter Vacation)
March 8th - Second Trimester Ends
March 16th - Early Release (Prof. Development)
March 30th - No School (Good Friday)
April 13th - Early Release (Prof. Development)
April 16th-20th - No School (Spring Vacation)
May 28th - No School (Memorial Day)

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